Belated Holiday Greetings

Halloween 2012

Halloween is nearly over here in the western US, but the trick-or-treaters are still ringing doorbells in Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, Guam, the Philippines and, for all I know, Tokyo and Beijing. We plied 115 ghosts, ghouls, goblins, vampires, cowboys, ballerinas, spidermen and fairy princesses with candy—a new record. I’m told that this is the best jack o’lantern I’ve ever carved. But, she says that every year. Happy Halloween. … [Read more...]

Homage To Clifford—In Transit

Alto saxophonist Jeff Chang responded to yesterday’s Clifford Brown item with this message: I don't know if you've heard this guy Dominick Farinacci. He is quite a trumpet player, and you may find this clip fun to watch. Oh, I’ve heard of Farinacci. The clip of him flawlessly spinning out a Clifford solo is, indeed, fun to watch—unless you’re a trumpeter who has struggled trying to play it. This is the preamble to the video, which was posted on YouTube today. Amidst an … [Read more...]