Smoke Followup

Here’s another shot from the visit to smoky central Washington State, where the wildfires are intensifying today. Now, firefighters are coming down from Canada to help in the battle to contain the blazes. The landmark in the hazy distance is Saddle Rock. You may recognize it as the skyline feature on the cover of Poodie James.

For a thorough roundup of Washington fire stories and pictures, go here. For a good song with “smoke” in the title, listen to Django.

Django Reinhardt (guitar) and Stéphane Grappelli (violin), with the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, 1935

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  1. says

    This is terrifying. Hope you will win the battle.

    As a little compensation, here’s the original “Smoke Rings” with Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra from 1937. — Glen’s husky radio theme was always effectively introduced on stage with a single spotlight on Bill Rauch’s muted trombone until the full orchestra came in.

    Beautiful clarinet solo by Clarence Hutchenrider, and some gorgeous smoking Ladies in the video.

    By the way: “Rauch” is German and means …. smoke 😉

    • Doug Ramsey says

      Gene Gifford, the chief arranger for The Casa Loma Orchestra, wrote the song, with lyrics by Ned Washington. Gray and the Casa Lomans introduced it but didn’t put it on record until 1937. The Mills brothers were the first to record it, in 1932, the year Gifford and Washington wrote it. The Mills Brothers’ recording featured the vocal group’s astonishingly accurate impressions of tuba, trombone and trumpet.

  2. Светлана says

    I greatly sympathize with the people who are suffering from the wildfires. This situation is similar to what we had a couple of years ago. People had to curtain the windows with wet bedsheets or some other cloths to ease the detrimental effect of the smoke. Plus the unbearable heat! It cost a lot of people their health.

    I wish them all to survive this disaster with minimum loss to health and other things..