Encore: A Little Blues With Brubeck And Desmond

The following item ran on Rifftides more than five years ago, with a link to video that later disappeared from the web. The clip has been restored. In light of recent discussions about the blues theme that frequently appeared when the two men played together, even after the Brubeck Quartet dissolved in 1967, the item is worth presenting again. This time, the video is on your screen. The picture quality is bad. The quality of the sound and the music is good.

June 29, 2007 By Doug Ramsey

Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond in duo were one of the great treats of the seventies even as Desmond contended with the lung cancer that was soon to end his life. Someone caught one of their reunions on tape–a short blues performance culminating in the “Audrey” or “Balcony Rock” melody that they favored for more than a quarter of a century.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. says

    As PD would have said: “As long as I can hear what everybody’s doing, I don’t worry about scratches. It can be on a record, a tape or a strip of cellophane, for all I care. I listen to the music.”

    Anyway, though I listened deeply – really, I did! – I couldn’t help it: Dave looks in this video like a swingin’ Ludwig van Beethoven. :)

    Here’s my own short paseo with Audrey, and her gorgeous twin sister.

  2. Brenton Plourde says

    According to my records, it appears that ‘Balcony Rock’ was only played twice on the Reunion Tour. Once on February 15, 1976 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and again on March 11, 1976 in Midland, Michigan.

  3. Brenton Plourde says

    Well, I guess I am wrong. I should have scrolled down in the Comments section of the YouTube video. This is taken from February 27, 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts.