As Desmond Might Not Have Said…

Paul Desmond had political convictions. He occasionally indicated but rarely went on at length about them. Iola Brubeck knows that and called our attention to an opinion piece by Chan Lowe, and his accompanying editorial cartoon, in today’s Florida Sun Sentinel. Here’s one line:

If the note wasn’t needed, he didn’t play it. He played silence. I say “played,” because his silences could be as eloquent and pregnant with meaning as his bare-bones riffs.

To see how that relates to the Sun Sentinel’s take on one of the day’s major news stories, follow this link.

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  1. says

    Political cartoons often say a lot without using many words. Chan Lowe’s work is a good example. What I didn’t know about Lowe is that he has an appreciation for jazz. That automatically raises his status in my eyes. To Lowe’s comment on the Romney ruckus, I add my “Damn right!”

  2. Rick M says

    I suspect that Paul leaned left but I wish that this columnist had not tied him to the delusional and naive mismanagement of foreign policy that has the Middle East burning brighter than normal.