Special Piano For Hip-Hop And Rap

Malcolm Harris, the publisher of my Paul Desmond biography, sent this photograph and caption.

A great commentary on modern “music”
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  1. SeptemberintheRain says

    Funny … at least in a George Bushy sort of way. But ever heard of London Posse, Jurassic 5, Danger Mouse, Blue Scholars, Nas, DJ Quik, Masta Ace, Common, Gang Starr … you name it, or can’t you?.
    Jazz buffs are supposed to have open ears, or is that just a cliche? Check em hip-hop guys out … might lead to a bit less ultra-conservative wit next time.

    • says

      Couldn’t agree more. This photograph was best captioned as ‘David Guetta’s Piano’ – It’s sad that parts of the Jazz scene are attacking Hip-Hop, which in many way is it’s own natural evolution.

      Hip-Hop throws away much more of the rule book than Jazz ever has musically and has managed to reach more people without making them feel either elites or alienated from it.

      Bad choice of genre stomping…

  2. Michael sentkewitz says

    I’ve heard of all those hip hop bands and have even seen the blue scholars and the joke still stands they are all unlistenable to my open ears.

  3. mel says

    SeptemberintheRain, I can assure you that all the jazz buffs I know do have open ears, but that’s when it comes to music.

    • David says

      Mike, Those colors are very helpful. If you accidentally hit the wrong key it might trigger the wrong sample. A friend had the following response: “That Hip Hop Piano probably has about two too many keys.” As for John Cage, I prefer to hear him on electric cactus (it’s on youtube.)

  4. Mike Harris says

    Add a glockenspiel and a tambourine, and it might work for John Cage too? Brings to mind a comment I heard (from Bill Evans, if memory serves) about electronic music: “That’s perfect—all you need is another machine to listen to it!”

  5. KL says

    These responses to Septemberintherain conjure up the image of an old crotchety man hollering at kids from his lawn chair: “You call that music! They don’t make it like they used to!”