Other Matters: “Hello, I’m Alive”

On today’s cycling expedition during rush hour, I saw an amazing sight. A motorist pulled to the side of the road and stopped to use her phone. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true.

On the other hand, a man in Naples, Florida, was reaching for his cell phone just as a fire truck arrived in the intersection.

Boy, was he embarrassed.

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  1. says

    Ages ago, when pocket-phones looked like walkie-talkies (or like TV remotes), a Korean ran into a tree while he was at it. The poor fellow hung up for a long, long time :(

    • says

      P.S. — The Lady, talking into that… TV remote, err, is now our Federal Chancellor, Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel. She was Secretary of Environment back then, in the early 1990’s.

  2. says

    In the UK it is illegal to use a hand-held phone whilst driving. However, any five minute journey will show you at least one or two people doing so – and in commuter time — dozens …
    I’m also amazed to see those people doing 90 in the 70 mph limit fast lane on their phones …

    I always imagine them having Cherokee on the stereo …

  3. Terry Martin says

    The most jaw dropping sight for me personally was a truckdriver on his phone, followed by a cardriver on her phone, followed by a pickup, driver on his phone. No more than a car length between each vehicle.

  4. Ken Dryden says

    Seattle drivers ran red lights in huge numbers during my recent visit. One clown tried to turn right as his light changed to green, ignoring the fact that the pedestrian had a Walk sign and the right-of-way, blaring his horn. I responded appropriately.