Four MFs Talkin’ ‘Bout What They Do

I cannot recall having previously posted a promotional video, and I may never post one again. But the video about the Branford Marsalis CD recommended in the new batch of Doug’s Picks has helpful insights into the philosophy of the band’s approach to its work. In addition, it is a nice little piece of documentary film-making.

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing, Doug. For those of us who only write about music and don’t play, it’s fun to see a band at work. Mr. Marsalis has never been accused of being humble but he (and the band) speak through the music. Like the best creative music, what they do is not about fashion or fads but allows the listener to find common emotional ground in the band’s sonic conversations ( and, if it does not touch you, so be it – this music does not bend to fit your tastes.)

  2. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Intensity, Intensity, Intensity—Blakey would be proud of this group. I had the good fortune of seiing Branford & Calderazzo at Monterey a few years back and it was Intense. They drive it out of each other. Incredible intensity there, no matter what content they play.

    I like Mr. Kamins’ comments, as well, from a fellow non-musician. Well said.

    While here, I want to commend the crack Rifftides staff for recommending Brent Jensen’s The Sound of a Dry Martini. Loved every tune and with Mr. Ramsey’s liner notes, an added plus as well! Desmond Lives!

    • Dr. Mike Baughan says

      Fine Sound of a Dry Martini CD, Brent—Kudos & thanks!

      Can a fan see ya outside of the Northwest, namely in Va/Carolina region?

  3. says

    In the video, they seem to be bidding goodbye to this Hayti place (apparently an ex-church). Is it disappearing, going the way of many spaces to become condo buildings or such? And it’s in Raleigh, NC I note. Must be a story how it has become a recording centre…

    • Doug Ramsey says

      Apparently, the former St. Josephs AME Church is going full-blast in Durham, NC, as a cultural and community center. The Hayti website mentions nothing about recording activity. Marsalis seems to have rented or borrowed it as a studio more than once.

  4. Peter Levin says

    For those who are interested, a Paris Review blog post on Marsalis, Hayti and the recording of this CD. According to the author, Marsalis has used Hayti as a recording studio six times because there is no reverb at low decibel levels–it grows gradually with the sound.

  5. says

    “Don’t play that, that sounds like jazz radio…” I laughed out loud.
    Branford’s coming to Seattle for a special concert with SRJO in November, and I can’t wait.
    Nice film!

    • Doug Ramsey says

      It helps to appreciate Ms. Lloyd’s comment if you know that she works in jazz radio.