Speaking Of Radio…

Oh, we weren’t? Well, we are now. First here’s something you can listen to immediately. Today on National Public Radio’s Weekend All Things Considered, the host, Guy Raz, closed with eight minutes and 45 seconds of conversation with drummer Matt Wilson (pictured, left). They talked about Wilson’s new album, Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Lucille Ball, Carl Sandburg, Felicia Wilson’s amazing recovery from a dangerous condition and Wilson’s revolutionary belief that not only is it permissible to make the audience happy, it’s an obligation. To hear the segment, click here.

Looking forward, jazz historian Bill Kirchner (seen here in his saxophonist disguise) sent an alert to tomorrow evening’s broadcast of his Jazz From The Archives. Presented by the Institute of Jazz Studies, the series runs in the New York-New Jersey area every Sunday on WBGO-FM (88.3) and on the internet. Here is Mr. Kirchner’s announcement

The late musician/author Mike Zwerin wrote that “Contemporary Italian jazz can be said to have begun with Enrico Rava.” A compellingly lyrical trumpeter, Rava (b. 1939) has been Italy’s best-known jazz musician since the mid-1970s.

We’ll hear Rava with a number of distinguished partners, including guitarist John Abercrombie, tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, trombonist Gianluca Petrella, pianist Stefano Bollani, drummer Paul Motian, and others.

The show will air this Sunday, June 24, from 11 p.m. to midnight, Eastern Daylight Time.

NOTE: If you live outside the New York City metropolitan area, WBGO also broadcasts on the Internet at www.wbgo.org.

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