International Jazz Day

The first annual International Jazz Day came and went on April 30 with no mention on Riffitdes, a lapse I regret. Fellow arts journal blogger Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association, has a fine report at his Jazz Beyond Jazz site. Howard includes a great quote from United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon (pictured) and a tribute to Herbie Hancock, who came up with the idea of such a day. A video posted on YouTube gives a scattershot idea of some of the events at the UN that inspired Howard’s enthusiastic account.

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  1. says

    The concerts from Congo Square and the United Nations are available for streaming at
    We also invite everyone from around the world who participate in an event on April 30 to fill out a form on and let us know and we will post the info including youtube videos.

  2. says

    No need to regret, Doug. I didn’t even know that there is something like an International Jazz Day. For me is every day a jazz day anyway. Or a classics day, or a … silent day :)

  3. says

    Here in the UK we needed yesterday, to be made aware that it WAS ( or had been) Jazz Day, a few days earlier.
    Italian pianist Rossano Sportiello, this week’s attraction at our local jazz club, had been in New York at the U.N. two days previously taking part in the events there.
    Last night he was here performing for a UK audience alongside Japanese clarinetist Eiji Kitamura. and British bassist Dave Green with drummer Bobby Worth.
    We may not have known about Jazz Day but we surely were within the sprit of things !
    The repertoire, appropriately was mostly American standards.

  4. Светлана says

    The opening date of the First Annual International Jazz Day is particularly significant for me and my colleagues-regulars of the Moscow Jazz Art Club, as the latter was opened exactly on April 30 (1994) and this year we celebrated the double occasion. More so, we are all in anticipation of the concert the Godfather of the IJD, Herbie Hancock, is going to give on May 14 in the Moscow International House of Music.