Readers’ Choices

Six years ago when Rifftides was a year old, we asked readers to send information about the music they were turning on, and vice versa. There was a deluge of replies. It took several days of long posts to accommodate the responses. It’s time to do it again. The invitation went something like this:

The Rifftides staff is interested in what our readers around the world are listening to. Please take a moment to send a message with your name (if you care to disclose it), your location and the most recent music on your iPod, smartphone, CD player, tape deck, wire recorder, turntable or cylinder machine. Many of you listen to a wide range of music that the rest of us would like to know about. Don’t worry about genres; who needs pigeonholes? We will keep track of your responses and compile a report when we have a sizeable list.

The last time we did this, it took extensive post-production work to get all of the responses published, but it was worth it. Part of the staff is saying, “Oh, no, not again,” but they’ve been overruled. To send your choice or choices, click on “Contact Me” at the top of this page.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

Kenny Garrett, Seeds From the Underground.

Brian Lewis (violin), London Symphony Orchestra, Bernstein: Serenade, McLean: Elements. I recently heard Lewis play the McLean with Lawrence Golan and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra and ordered the CD the next day.
Doug Ramsey,
Yakima, Washington, USA.

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