Other Matters: Spring?

The calendar claims that we are two days into spring. There seems to be some mistake. This is what the dawn disclosed this morning. That gardening shed isn’t going to see much action today.

Oh, well. They say it’s spring.

This Blossom Dearie album also has other songs about spring. They’ll help us through an unexpectedly wintry day.

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  1. Mathias C. Hermann says

    Johnny Carson had the greatest line about Spring when he said “I know it’s Spring – I saw a frozen robin”

    • says

      Remember the old Burma Shave signs by the side of the road? I recall one series that read: “Spring has sprung… the grass has riz…. that’s where your careless driver is.”

  2. says

    It’s not that I wanna spread negative feelings, Doug, but I have uploaded this wonderful track for one of our friends at Fancybooklet.

    “Spring Will Be So Sad (When She Comes This Year)” by Margaret Bonds and Harold Dickinson is one of those great forgotten songs, and I wonder who else has recorded it in the years after 1941. This is my favorite Glenn Miller Orchestra, the late 1941 to July, 1942 outfit, from one of those Chesterfield Shows, aired on April 8, 1941. Ray Eberle with one of his stronger, deeper vocals, the Modernaires & Glenn Miller, as the announcer. The arrangement is by Jerry Gray. Here it is.

    One of my other favorite Spring songs is “Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year” which would, of course, be more on topic, especially when sung by the wonderful Helen Merrill.

    Here it is in a film with with Deanna Durbin.