Other Matters: The Owl

Toward evening yesterday, we heard a raucous disturbance among the flock of blue jays occupying a blue spruce at the edge of the yard. We looked out to find the jays dive bombing a row of arbor vitae. About halfway up one of the shrubs was what we later concluded was a western screech owl. It wasn’t screeching, just peering out of its refuge looking unconcerned and, of course, wise. Owls are so infrequent in our neighborhood that I took a picture through the window with an inadequate point-and-shoot camera. Digitally enlarged, the section of the photo with the owl in the bush took on a sort of pointillist character. Posting this, I considered finding appropriate music to go with it: “Owl Be Seeing You” or “Owl Be Around,” perhaps. But that would be unforgivably corny, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Hans Doerrscheidt says

    Cole Porter’s “Owl Through the Night”
    Duke Ellington’s “Owl Too Soon”
    Haymes’ & Brand’s “That’s Owl”!

  2. John Wiitala says

    God!, Owl’s Chillun’ Got Rhythm!
    Owl Wait For You
    Crazy Hick Owls Me
    Con Owl, Ma

    …My God….

  3. David says

    Readers must be howling at all these owlful puns. It’s owlandish that a jazz blog would publish such stuff.