Weekend Listening Tips: Lundgren & Gravish

If you haven’t discovered the website called The Jazz Knob, tomorrow at 12:30 pm (PST) would be a good time to give it a try. In an unusual bit of web radio programming, the veteran Los Angeles jazz broadcaster Ken Borgers has announced that he will play the new Jan Lundgren trio album in its entirety. Together Again at the Jazz Bakery reunites the Swedish pianist with bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Joe La Barbera. Their 2008 concert came eleven years after their initial encounter, Cooking! At the Jazz Bakery, and as they were preparing their Ralph Rainger album. I’ll be writing about the new CD, but for now suffice it to say that it is quite likely the best Lundgren on record and that the trio’s empathy is not merely intact, it is intense. To listen to The Jazz Knob, go to www.jazzknob.org (that’s a link).

On the other side of North America, Bill Kirchner’s Jazz From the Archives will explore the music of Andy Gravish, a respected, little-known, trumpeter. From Kirchner’s program alert:

Gravish has been on the scene for almost three decades, but he has gotten almost no attention from the jazz press. However, some of the most discriminating jazz trumpeters I know hold him in the highest esteem. In the last decade, Gravish has divided his attention between New York and Rome, so we’ll hear selections from several CDs that feature him with his collaborator, the Italian pianist Luca Mannutza, and other Italian and American musicians.

Jazz From The Archives airs Sunday at 11 p.m. (EST) in the Newark-New York area on 88.3 FM and on the internet, here (that’s a link).

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  1. Mark Mohr says

    Hey Doug….have you found any websites that have audio clips from Together Again at the Jazz Bakery?

  2. Mark Mohr says

    Thanks! Those audio clips were great and they make me want to get the CD. Growing up in Pacific Palisades, California, I instantly recognized the cover art for “Together again…at the Jazz Bakery” as a photograph taken on the beach of Santa Monica looking north towards Malibu. Interesting that the same photograph was also used as the cover art on another Jan Lungren CD (“California Connection”) with Lungren’s image superimposed over the top of the same coastal image…available on that interesting looking Japanese website.

  3. Joe Gravish says

    Re: Andy Gravish

    I’ve never met anyone more passionate about music than Andy Gravish. He practices literally 24/7. His parents send him to the far reaches of his boyhood home because he’s forever playing the trumpet. Words cannot describe how “into it” Andy is.