Broadbent’s Short Tour

Shortly before Alan Broadbent moved from Southern California to New York, he told the Los Angeles Times:

People are making more out of this than they need to. The bulk of my work is as a touring musician, and I can do that from anywhere.

One of Broadbent’s shorter tours these days is on the train into Manhattan from his new home in the northern suburbs. It remains to be seen how much time he will be able to devote to playing in clubs there, but it worked out well when he took his trio into the Kitano Hotel. In the video of this performance of one of his favorite songs, through the window behind him you will see traffic on Park Avenue. You will also see bassist Putter Smith, Broadbent’s longtime California colleague, and drummer Mike Stephans, who, like many musicians working in New York, lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Mike Harris says

    What a gorgeous, relaxed, and imaginative conception of this lovely piece.
    Scores a 9 out of 10 on the gooseflesh-raising scale!

  2. Charlton Price says

    Elegant. Exquisite. Entrancing.

    (Just try to ignore the bad mike-ing of cymbals, which covers over the tasteful drumming.).