Paul Motian Memorial Broadcast

This just in:

WKCR, the radio station of Columbia University in New York City, will broadcast 24 hours of Paul Motian’s music beginning at midnight tonight (EST). The station is at 89.9 on the FM dial and streams at this site on the internet. To hear it, click under “Live Broadcast” in the upper right corner of the page.

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  1. says

    Space sounds here now, with Bill Frisell and Paul Motian. Well, the late 1980’s, early 1990’s are coming back to me when all those great jazz people performed in Cologne.

    Anyway, Paul’s sensitive drum (brushes!) work made a trio out of what could have easily become the Evans-LaFaro duo with another, less musical drummer. He completed their lines, he was their heartbeat. — Without Paul that trio wouldn’t have sounded so very free. — It’s so timeless, and I dare to say that this kind of mutual interplay has never been achieved by anyone else afterwards, Bley, Jarrett, Corea, Hancock & Co. included.

    Some of their collective improvisations are so complete, so ingeniously composed, that it’s hard to believe that there were no scores (except for the themes): “What Is This Thing Called Love”, “How Deep Is The Ocean”, “Nardis” — It can’t get better.

    “Portrait In Jazz”, “Explorations” — Find me similar studio trio sessions with such richness of melody, harmony & rhythm. One has to look very hard. Are there 2nd takes at all? Only a few, if I’m not wrong (I have only the LP’s). — There was a time when I listened to them day in, day out.

    Those two albums — well, everybody who is calling himself a jazz fan, or a jazz musician has to have them on his shelves. “The Village Vanguard Sessions”, okay, but they aren’t as concentrated, not as “tight”, or as intimate in my opinion. Too much background noise perhaps?

    Okay, okay, ‘live’ is always different. — But ringing spoons in coffee mugs, do we really need ’em when there was a Paul in motion?

    No, we don’t!