A Great Day in San Antonio And London

Robert Johnson

Rifftides reader Harris Meyer called my attention to a National Public Radio story about major musical achievements of two men on this date in 1936. In their genres, they could hardly have been more different. What they had in common was greatness. Here is the lead paragraph of the NPR item: Nov. 23, 1936, was a good day for recorded music. Two men, an ocean apart, each stepped up to a microphone and began to play. One was a cello prodigy who had performed for the queen of Spain; the … [Read more...]

Going Like 80 (+)

Rifftides reader Mark Mohr writes: Sad about Motian, he was definitely one of a kind. Who else is still playing at 80? Off the top of my head (more or less): Phil Woods (80) Ira Sullivan (80) Ornette Coleman (81) Richard Davis (81) Jim Hall (81) Bill Henderson (81) Annie Ross (81) Frank Strazzeri (81 Barry Harris (82) Ernestine Anderson (83) Junior Mance (83) Bill Crow (84) Dick Hyman (84) Lee Konitz (84) Martial Solal (84) Jimmy Heath (85) Med Flory (85) Bill … [Read more...]