Thank You

Thanks to the dozens and dozens (and dozens) of Rifftides readers who sent birthday messages via Facebook and other social media. How the word got out, I have no idea, but you folks certainly know how to make a guy feel that maybe this blogging stuff is worth the effort.

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  1. says

    Shucks. Since I’m a devotee of anti-social media only (DeFacebook, Fritter, MissAnthroPoll, and the like (or don’t)), I missed the birthday excitement. So, assuming it’s you and not the cracked staff, or bicycle, or blog, please allow me to wish you a belated Happy, and a Merry Unbirthday too. How does it feel to be (harumph) years young anyway? Judging by the genial site photo, you haven’t aged a day in years… well done, indeed!