Other Matters: BOO!

Meet the official 2011 Rifftides Halloween jack-o’lantern, designed to scare trick or treaters out of their costumes and away from RT world headquarters. In case that doesn’t work, several pounds of cheap candy are standing by.

It may be that jazz musicians have recorded music with a Halloween theme worth relaying to the Rifftides readership. If so, I couldn’t find it. However, by merest chance, the night before Halloween I came across video of the piano team of Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe. The clip begins with a tour of the Steinway piano factory before we see and hear Anderson and Roe in a four-hands performance of Franz Schubert’s formidable “Der Erlkönig.” Schubert was inspired by the Goethe poem of that name. If you’re not familiar with Goethe’s story, you are encouraged to go here and read it in German or English before you watch the video.

Somehow Anderson and Roe never drop a note or miss a beat despite the horror, the horror…

If I were you, unless you have urgent business there, I’d give the Steinway factory a wide berth.

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  1. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Said the Rifftides reader to Doug Ramsey:

    “I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance Without You”

  2. says

    For my first recording, “BLUE SEAN GREEN” , 1968 released in 1974 , I included a tune I wrote in 1956 titled “HALLOWEEN”. It’s not a scary song, wasn’t meant to be. It’s in the key of f minor and if any of you readers want a copy of the cd and the song, just ask me. It’s gratis for Rifftides readers. Honest Injun!

    You could probably download it at cdbaby.com for 99 cents and have immediately.

    • Doug Ramsey says

      Please send all requests directly to Mr. Reilly by way of the “contact” function on his website, which you can reach by clicking on his name in the upper left corner of his comment above.