“I’ll Be Seeing You”

It occurred to me as I was writing the review above that I have linked to Tony Fruscella’s “I’ll Be Seeing You,” but never actually put it on Rifftides. Let’s remedy that.

Fruscella, trumpet; Bill Triglia, piano; Bill Anthony, bass; Will Bradley, Jr., drums.

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  1. Mike Harris says

    Boy, I would have sworn that was Chet Baker for sure—same “take your time,” thoughtful quality to his improvisation, together with the breathy attack. Never even heard of this guy before!

  2. says

    Even “worse” here: It happened in late 1986 when I had no idea who the man was, and how he sounded. One of my docents hinted me to Tony, and that I should listen to him. I bought the LP, went home and put it on the turntable.

    Shock! Never thought of Chet, but of a saxophone at first. I realized that it was pure Bird, delivered by a trumpet. Some of Tony’s lines remind me strongly of Charlie Parker’s moving 1946-rendition of “Lover Man”. Tony really came very close to Charlie’s alto sound, didn’t he?

    Tony Fruscella was a tragic figure; his “I’ll Be Seeing You” tells us his story in music: “It’s beauty, just beauty.” (Feel free to go to my blog. The playlist (click on it opposite the photo of Red Mitchell) with “I’ll Be Seeing You” is still up; it’s sung by Mitchell, who wrote congenial lyrics to the unique trumpet solo.)

  3. don frese says

    Thanks, Doug, for the posting of this beautiful solo, and to Bruno Leicht for introducing to the world, the lyrics that Red Mitchell wrote to the solo. I have been wondering about their existence ever since they were mentioned by Ira Gitler in the notes to the 80s LP reissue of the date.