Recent Listening: Fruscella & Moore

Fruscella, Moore

Tony Fruscella & Brew Moore, The 1954 Unissued Atlantic Session (Fresh Sound). Fruscella was an enigmatic trumpeter with a deeply personal style, Moore a tenor saxophonist who once said that anyone who didn’t play like Lester Young was wrong. At a time when Dizzy Gillespie’s fiery playing was the general model, Fruscella was one of a few young trumpeters who concentrated on tone, lyricism and quiet melodic invention. Others were Don Joseph, Phil Sunkel, Miles Davis and Chet Baker. The … [Read more...]

“I’ll Be Seeing You”

It occurred to me as I was writing the review above that I have linked to Tony Fruscella’s “I’ll Be Seeing You,” but never actually put it on Rifftides. Let’s remedy that. Fruscella, trumpet; Bill Triglia, piano; Bill Anthony, bass; Will Bradley, Jr., drums. … [Read more...]