Summertime Perfection

It was time to put up a new post. With a house full of guests, ideal summer weather and the attractions of all outdoors, I looked for an easy out. The solution begins with a perfect trumpet chorus, then gets better.

The gorgeous arrangement was by Russell Garcia.

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  1. Jeffrey Sultanof says

    Russell has been getting a lot of attention lately, and is still a vibrant 95 year old living in New Zealand. He is still active there, composing and giving concerts.

    I love it when one of my heroes is still around to feel and receive the warmth and love of his fans, colleagues and peers. Garcia is a fantastic musician, and has been responsible for many top arranger/composers via his own teaching and his fabulous books. It is a true tribute that one of his texts, published in 1954, is still required reading for arranger/composers and has not dated one bit.

    Thanks for sharing this, Doug.

    • Doug Ramsey says

      Mr. Sultanof’s comment prompted me to add a link to Russell Garcia’s Wikipedia entry. To read about him, click on his name in blue in the post above.

  2. says

    The Los Angeles Jazz Institute ‘West Coast Sounds event in October will include an hour-long “Russ Garcia Big Band” concert on Sunday, October 23rd. Garcia is also directing his “Wigville Ensemble” in an hour-long concert at the same event on Saturday and will be participating in a Panel discussion with Bill Holman, Gerald Wilson and Johnny Mandel prior to his Big Band concert on Sunday.

    Full details at

  3. Joel Elkins says

    The arrangement’s fine, but Armstrong’s statement of the melody is so beautiful! Oh my, words can’t do it justice.

  4. says

    Thanks a lot for posting this indeed perfect version of probably the most played jazz standard of all.

    Listen, how Pops is bending the notes, how he is stretching the melody, slightly pitched too high, which makes his trumpet sound so yearning. — Ella’s & Louis’ vocal duet is just a wonder, it all fits together: Her melody statement, and his little remarks.

    I have posted my 4th playlist with mostly jazzy & instrumental versions of Gershwin’s & Du Bose Heyward’s folk song today.

    Yes, it became a folk song (“Volkslied”, in German) in the word’s best meaning, or as Mozart has put it about his own music (quoted from memory): ‘I want to write music which could be whistled by every Viennese cabby, but which is still sophisticated enough for the lovers of the fine arts.’