Weekend Extra: Raney And Zoller

The Rifftides reader whose reply to a comment included a link to Prince playing something labeled The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever might consider a meeting between Jimmy Raney (1927-1995) and Attila Zoller (1927-1998). I would not claim ultimate greatness for this performance, only mastery of the instrument, taste, imagination, wit and enormous satisfaction. The piece is Cole Porter’s “I Love You.” I have no information about the location or year. According to Raney’s hint at :03:41, it may have been around Christmas time. Zoller is on the left, Raney on the right of your screen and speakers.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Charlton Price says

    So far out it’s intergalactic!. Incomparable rapport, chops, imagination. Imperishable. Deeply satisfying and memorable. Apparently a gig/concert in Frankfurt, per YouTube tag..