Theme In Search Of Development

This morning I took a side trip through a subdivision that not long ago was an orchard. The non-architecture is typical of the builder-designed antisepsis or Stepford school—big double and triple garages with houses attached.

But wait, there’s a bright spot. This is the name of the main drag.

In vain, I rode around looking for Brass Boulevard, Strings Street, Percussion Place, Chorus Court, but all of the other streets in this collection of extruded houses have numbers rather than names. The developer missed a thematic opportunity.

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  1. Dr.Mike Baughan says

    “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot”…..ooops, wrong blog, but hey, Joni Mitchell explored the jazz realm, so kinda pertains. The Mauling/Malling of America. I think they should have had a Desmond Drive frankly, just off Woodwinds Way. Sadly this expansion of suburbs takes out many orchards a year.

  2. Maurice Bund says

    This type of development is also rampant in Australia…naming of streets seems to be the only area in which developers display any sense of creativity!