Sophia, Dave And Dizzy

You never know who’s listening. Skipping around in Jeffrey Lyons’ entertaining new book about his father Leonard, the prolific New York Post columnist, I came across this item in the Sophia Loren section:

In 1961, she was back in Spain filming El Cid, and after finishing the day’s shooting of that medieval epic, Loren would always turn on Dave Brubeck and Dizzy Gillespie records. “It’s the best way to snap back into the twentieth century,” she explained.

It’s worth mentioning the book, Stories My Father Told Me: Notes From “The Lyons Den” if only as an excuse to show you the cover shot of Leonard Lyons, his wife Sylvia and Marilyn Monroe.

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  1. says

    It’s told the story that Lady Sophia and Mr. Heston hated each other very fondly. Now, the interesting question would be to which sounds Charlton relaxed after a day’s work with gorgeous Miss Loren 😉

    Highly suggestive cover indeed. Marilyn was such a cute looker!