Other Matters: Journalism Today

Barlett, Steele

Journalism is an “other matter” (see the subtitle of the blog) that I think about constantly but write about too seldom. The news business has occupied most of my working life. Seeing it change for the worse is more than a matter of professional interest. The freedom and quality of the flow of information to the public through the news has a profound effect on the state of the democracy. It always has had. Thomas Jefferson was under frequent attack by newspapers, but this is what he said about … [Read more...]

Lena Horne

Lena Horne died a little more than a year ago. Yesterday, she would have been 94. Ms. Horne's varied gifts launched her into a career as a massively successful general entertainer. But her jazz roots went deep, and she never forgot where she came from, as she demonstrated in this performance of her most famous song. The YouTube statistics say that a quarter of a million people have watched this. That's not enough. … [Read more...]