Other Matters: Cycling Shots

Don Emanuel, David Evans and other Rifftides readers have encouraged me to continue posting photographs made during bicycle expeditions. Okay. Maybe they are a welcome diversion.

I tore myself away for a 15-miler this afternoon and paused at the top of a long, steep hill because my legs told me to. This may be nothing more than your standard b-flat calendar shot, but taking it was an excuse to rest. I like the clouds and that house high up on the left.

When I got back, as I opened the gate these characters were scurrying along the grass. By the time I got the camera out of the bike bag, they had squeezed through the fence into the neighbor’s yard. I was barely able to catch them as they made for the safety of bushes. Mr. and Mrs. Quail took up residence with us a couple of years ago. We assume that they have a covey of chicks about ready to join in the foraging expeditions.

What you can’t see in these pictures is the wind, which has been powerful and relentless for weeks. Maybe pedaling uphill into 25-mile-an-hour breezes builds character. I would rather that my character remain unimproved.

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