Other Matters: The River

The cycling schedule is full again. So are the rivers around here, swollen with snowmelt from the mountains, and roaring. Here’s some of what I saw on a ride this afternoon, a section of the Yakima roaring along muddy and almost into the fields and towns. In the upper center, you see an enormous tree that the force of the water tore out of the bank somewhere upstream.

Fifty yards from the river, all was serene. The view is west, toward the Cascades, where in spring the snow becomes water that runs down into the tributaries that fill the Yakima, which feeds the mighty Columbia.

The Columbia, as Woody Guthrie made everyone aware, rolls on.

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  1. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Beautiful part of the world Doug. Looks like a place to hike/bike while listening to good jazz on an Ipod! Thanks for the vistas, no matter how muddy!

    • Doug Ramsey says

      My rides are Ipod-free. I listen to birds, the wind and noises from cars and trucks whose drivers may not have my best interests at heart. As for the high water, people hereabouts are lucky compared to what’s happening along the MIssissippi. A reader in Natchez sent this link to a dramatic series of photographs.

  2. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Thanks Doug-gave me a great idea for my area:

    Did the 17 mile bike ride today (closed off to cars, so no hassle there) w/ Paul Desmond Qrt. the whole pleasurable way on Ipod.
    Happy Memorial. Weekend!

    P.S. Witnessed Bud Shank @ KRML, Carmel,Ca studios live concert-50 seats, early 90s; will never forget it.