Compatible Quotes: Jazz Kids In New Orleans

New Orleans is the only place I know of where you ask a little kid what he wants to be and instead of saying “I want to be a policeman,” or “I want to be a fireman,” he says, I want to be a musician.”—Alan Jaffe

I was just like the rest of the kids, wanted to now all about that new music called jazz. I was a second-line kid. That meant I’d follow the big bands down the street and, man, what a thrill when Tio or George Baquet would let me carry their cases while they played!—Albert Nicholas

If I had grown up in any place but New Orleans, I don’t think my career would have taken off. I wouldn’t have heard the music that was around this town. There was so much going on when I was a kid.—Pete Fountain

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  1. Rob D says

    During a trip to NO in 98, I was astonished at the richness of the music scene. Hanging out at Donna’s listening to numerous brass bands and getting to talk to the kids who were playing. Their enthusasm for the genre and interest in jazz, blues and beyond made me hopeful for the future. You had to walk through the band on your way to the I always gave a different player a 5 buck tip on the way through. Only in NO!

    I caught a lot of jazz around town at the Funky Butt and Cafe Brasil..I got to visit with a friend Mr. Tootie Montana ( and also many people who help to make Mardi Gras an annual celebration of all things New Orleans. I filled up on jazz, blues, RnB, New Orleans 2nd line drumming and southern hospitality.

    It was a trip I will never forget.