Bud Shank’s Birthday

Today is the 85th anniversary of the birth of alto saxophonist and flutist Bud Shank. One of the most respected of the musicians who flourished on the west coast in the fifties, he went on to gain worldwide popularity. Shank was especially popular in Brazil, whose music he was one of the first American jazz artists to adapt when he made the Brazilliance recordings with guitarist Laurindo Almeida in 1954. Here is a good way to remember him, in São Paulo in 2004, playing his composition “Carousels.” The rhythm section is one of Shank’s favorites, Bill Mays, Bob Magnusson and Joe La Barbera. (note: the sound track seems to be restricted to the right channel, but you can hear everything.)

Bud Shank died in April of 2009, hours after his final record session.

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  1. Doug Zielke says

    I’m sure many in the Pacific Northwest remember Bud as the prime mover of the Port Townsend (WA) Jazz Festival. It’s a shame the organizing board showed him such disrespect in the end. Personally, I think this had a detrimental effect on his health. The quality of the festival has never been the same since Bud was forced out.

  2. Charlton Price says

    I’ve never been more captivated or awed by a jazz video than I was and will forever be by this one. Perfect fit among these four virtuosi, And the everlasting essential: they LISTEN to each other !. What cojones! What taste! What endlessly flowing inventiveness! But why am I flailng around trying to find words to do enough honor to and express adequate amazement for this experience ? Thanks, Doug.