Recent Listening: James Farm, Allen, Anschell, Et Al

James Farm

This is the latest of our periodic efforts to keep up with recorded music. Some of these CDs are recent. Some have been languishing in the holding pen for months. Some are timeless standard repertoire items that the Rifftides staff believes everyone should know about. The album titles in blue italics are links. Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, Eric Harland, James Farm (Nonesuch) For the most part, leaderless cooperatives in jazz have assembled to record and then gone their separate … [Read more...]

Other Matters: Language

Has anyone else noticed that radio and TV weather people report or predict "warm temperatures" or "cold temperatures." Temperatures are not warm or cold. Air is warm or cold. Temperatures are high or low, or somewhere in between. Please, weather people. And another thing, as Andy Rooney would say: Gene Lees, refusing to submit to the PC usage "weatherpersons," called them "weatherthings." Boy, do I miss him. … [Read more...]