Since the previous exhibit doesn’t give you a clear look at Jon Wikan’s cajon, here’s a picture of one.

And here is a link to a Wikipedia article about the instrument’s nature and history.

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    I ran across a bass instrument made similarly to the cajon when I heard a latin band several years ago at the Manhattan Center in New York. When I walked in, I heard wonderfully resonant bass notes, but couldn’t see a bass player anywhere. Then I saw that one musician was sitting on a box, very much like the cajon, but which had four different length tines of metal mounted half-way across the open hole, and he was strumming them with his thumbs. It was like a giant thumb-piano. The music only required two chords, and he had enough notes to make the needed changes. The sound was rich and resonant, and the player’s time was very good, giving the band a wonderful pulse. I never got a chance to ask him the name of his instrument.