Daffodils, Rabbit

There's a fresh dump of snow and avalanches have closed some roads in the Cascades, but in our little orchard, spring has—well, you know. … [Read more...]

Recent Listening: Smith, Vu, Lynch, Akinmusire

CD stack 002

Hundreds of CDs have piled up around Rifftides world headquarters. At a meeting, the staff voted whether to write, long, exhaustive analytical reviews of three of them or highlight many more in an effort to keep up with a jazz scene that—take our word for it—is not dying, at least not in terms of sheer recording output. Short and pithy won the vote over learned, diagnostic and likely to put you to sleep. This survey will go on intermittently, with other matters popping up, as usual. … [Read more...]

Other Places: Annie Ross

On the blog known as Brew Lite’s Jazz Tales, Bruno Leicht just posted a piece about jazz vocalese. It is centered on the recordings of Annie Ross and includes a rare video clip of her singing “Twisted,” with Count Basie accompanying. It’s a treat. … [Read more...]