Correspondence: On Tour In Earthquake Country

Bill Mays head

Bill Mays writes from Japan, where—despite earthquake, tsunami and radiation—the Phil Woods Quintet is on tour: Mays, piano; Woods, alto saxophone; Brian Lynch, trumpet; Steve Gilmore, bass; Bill Goodwin, drums. Food and bottled water have not been a problem here in Tokyo. Transportation has posed no problem. Radiation levels are "safe." We are avoiding milk, tap water, other questionable items. I was a little paranoid the first two days here and ate nothing but bananas and … [Read more...]

“Just Friends,” Twice

As an addendum to his note from Tokyo in the preceding item, Bill Mays sent a link to a video and wrote: After Bird's version of this tune, this one's my second favorite. I can see why. The Rifftides staff rounded up both versions of “Just Friends.” Here they are, in Mays’ order of preference. … [Read more...]