Other Places: Shearing In Perspective&#151And A Coup

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Terry Teachout writes about George Shearing’s popularity. He finds it admirable. A sample observation:

Mr. Shearing’s willingness to work both sides of the street vexed jazz critics, who are not an especially tolerant lot, and by the ’60s he had been written off as a popularizer. In fact, though, he was something completely different, a dead-serious artist who enjoyed playing well-crafted music that was accessible to a popular audience.

To read the whole thing, go here.
As Teachout said this morning in a message, Marc Myers of JazzWax accomplished a coup when he tracked down Marjorie Hyams, the vibes player in the original Shearing quintet. She is 90 and has a great memory. To read Marc’s interview with Ms. Hyams, go here.
You will find a Rifftides reflection on Shearing two exhibits down.

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