A Rare “Bernie’s Tune”

Digital video surprises pop up on the web. Here is an ad hoc edition of the Gerry Mulligan Quartet. The valve trombonist is Mulligan’s frequent collaborator Bob Brookmeyer. Ray Brown, bass, and Art Blakey, drums, may have done this with Mulligan just once. YouTube tells us when, 1981. But who knows where?

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  1. Denis Ouellet says

    Hi Doug, this is from the Aurex jazz festival in Tokyo in 1981. Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard, Milt Jackson played together with Gerry and Bob.
    An LP EastWorld Japanese pressing was issued.
    Never thought I would see this on video though.
    As an aside have a look at this video from the same poster.

  2. Bob Blumenthal says

    The Tom Lord Discography suggests that the performance might be from the Aurex Jazz Festival in Tokyo on September 3, 1981.

  3. alex tough says

    i don’t care where. i enjoyed. although no a ‘modernist’ i have always liked gerry m, and bob b is also ok and enjoyable

  4. Phil Wood says

    Fell in love with the original Mulligan/Baker quartet in – what? – 1953? As an underage drinker, slipped into the Haig probably in 1954. Bernie’s Tune was just one of those Mulligan tunes that were impossible to put out of mind. Their lyrical, mind-reading interplay was quite incredible. I have been a strong jazz fan now for over 50 years and the old Gerry Mulligan Quartet (and also, I must admit, an overwhelming affinity for the Brubeck/Desmond quartet) ruined me for the dissonant road jazz has traveled since. But isn’t it always so that we continue to love the music we grew up with.

  5. says

    Oh yes! I still have the(probably)1953 recording, on a 78rpm record worn through to the grey matter. It led me into the ‘cool’ at a tender age….