Other Matters: Weather Report, Part 2

Woody Herman First Herd, December 10, 1945
Neil Hefti, arranger
Woody Herman, vocal
Sonny Berman, trumpet solo
Bill Harris, trombone solo

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  1. Jack Tracy says

    Just these few bars by Sonny Berman remind us of how great he could have become had he not died at age 21. And any jazz hall of fame that does not include Bill Harris is overlooking a giant.

  2. Jim Brown says

    In addition to the very nice horn solos Jack mentioned, this track also reminds me how much I’ve always dug Woody’s singing, as well as his clarinet and alto work. I’ve seen some folks put it down, although I’ve never understood why. Sure, his alto sound shows his respect for Hodges, and he may not be the clarinet virtuoso as compared others of his period, but he always had that emotional involvement and respect for his audience.