Followup: Reilly’s Joyful Thanks

Pianist Jack Reilly’s recital at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Center in Baltimore on November 9 paid musical tribute to the memory of the doctor who saved his life.
Reilly Joy.jpg
The concert of Reilly’s original work was recorded. To see and hear it, click here. Thanks to the folks at Johns Hopkins for providing the printed program.

Dedicated to the late Dr. Martin Abeloff

1) C Major 7) E flat Major
2) C Minor 8) E flat Minor
3 D flat Major 9) E Major
4) C sharp Minor 10) E minor
5) D Major 11) F Major
6) D Minor 12) F Minor
13) F sharp Major 19) A Major
14) F sharp Minor 20) A Minor
15) G Major 21) B flat Major
16) G Minor 22) B flat Minor
17) A flat Major 23) B Major
18) G sharp Minor 24) B Minor

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  1. says

    While Dr. Abeloff was indirectly responsible for my cancer healing, it was a staff of 4 radiology technichians, my oncologist Dr. Maria Jacobs, the RN Nurse Linda Gallagher, jazz pianist Andy Fields, Louise the receptionist, primary physician Doctor Gopal Gobaj, my wife Carol Lian, the members of the Eastridge Baptist Church in Lutherville and piano technician Phil Warfield. These people were honored on my CD Innocence, The Green Spring Suite with compositions I composed for them while I was in treatment in 2002 at the Green Spring Oncology Clinic in Lutherville, Maryland.
    “The Silence of the Heart” was dedicated to Dr. Abeloff because he was head of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Baltimore and did tireless work for the cause of healing cancer wordwide. He pased away last year, ironically, of cancer. His widow, Diane Abeloff, was in attendence at this concert on Nov. 9th 2010.

  2. mel says

    I finally managed to listen to Jack Reilly’s “The Silence Of The Heart”. I have been a fan of his for many years – in my opinion he is one of the finest jazz pianists we have. This music is utterly beautiful and I cannot recommend too highly to your readers to watch and listen to the video. I am sure they will find it rewarding.