Book: Maynard Ferguson

Maynard!.jpgRalph Jungheim, Maynard! (Buster Ann). Jungheim’s book is a collection of 30 transcribed reminiscences about the trumpeter and bandleader. Most of them are by musicians, but Ferguson’s valet, bus driver and instrument maker also contribute. Some of the anecdotes are amusing, some interesting, some appalling. The exclamation point after his name in the title applies to Ferguson’s spectacular playing and his ego. Even associates who had problems with his music and his insecurities had affection for him. The mystery of Ferguson’s supernatural chops is probably not explainable, but the book gives insights into his musicality and the contradictions in his character.

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  1. Rick Dobrydney says

    I have read the book, and saw Maynard many times in person , and have spoken with him many times. Not ONCE in all those years did I observe even a HINT of an outsized ego. That was NOT Maynard.He was a gracious, warm man, who always spotlighted the many fine soloists in his bands. A great man.

  2. Red says

    You have my interest: please give us a hint of what anecdotes are appalling? (Their content, or how they are written/told?). What kind of incidents?
    They have to do with sideman relations, youthful excess involving substances and rampant commercialism in his music. The book is not a researched biography but a collection of transcribed memories and opinions of people who worked with Ferguson.—DR