Weekend Extra: Lagniappe From Art Farmer

A year ago almost to the day, a Rifftides post called “The Art Of Art Farmer” featured three videos from Farmer’s 1982 concert at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. It also had some of my musings on the great trumpeter and flugelhornist. Two of the videos were later disabled by those mysterious internet forces always patrolling in search of clips to take down for real or imagined violations. Recently, other forces—equally mysterious—restored the clips to YouTube, and now they are back in that piece in the archive. Further along, I’ll give you the link to it.
BUT FIRST: In the course of reconstructing the post, I came across a little something extra or, as they say in South Louisiana, lagniappe. It is still another performance from the Smithsonian by Farmer, pianist Fred Hersch, bassist Dennis Irwin and drummer Billy Hart. Introducing it, Farmer refers to the last number in that 2009 post.

Now, go here for the reconstituted entry from October 27, 2009 and more music by a remarkable quartet.

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  1. Brew says

    Wonderful, Doug! Great Art indeed. One of the trumpeters who disappeared off the radar if you would ask most younger players.
    You should have pointed to this cool rendition *before* October 16. Too late, I’ve launched my own one already. See this LINK.
    By the way: The beginning of Fred Hersch’s solo is just another proof for bebop, being right-hand jazz, opposite to Fats Waller’s left-handed stride style.