Other Matters: Tony Bennett At The Series

Last night, millions of Americans watched the San Francisco Giants submerge the Texas Rangers in game one of the World Series. They also saw Tony Bennett sing—of course—”I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and at the 7th inning stretch, “God Bless America.” If you missed it or if you are in a part of the world mystified by the United States’ baseball craziness at Series time, you may nonetheless enjoy Mr. Bennett’s performance of the Irving Berlin song that many musicians and many more ordinary citizens have suggested should be the US national anthem. If you have doubts about how his 84-year-old chops are holding up, listen to Bennett leap up an interval of a seventh to the concluding A.

Note added November 1: Major League Baseball has blocked the Bennett clip. To see a fan’s video from the stadium, go here. It’s the best we can do until MLB unblocks the quality version.—DR
Jazz maven and senior news producer Paul Conley at Capitol Public Radio in Sacramento sent the link to that clip. The Rifftides staff thanks Mr. Conley.
As a former San Franciscan, all I can add is, Go Giants!
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  1. Svetlana Ilicheva says

    I am not an envious person (thanks God and my dear parents!) but there is one thing I envy Americans – it is your being so openly sentimental about your homeland. I just cannot imagine a similar situation at a stadium here. We are more liable to always be critical about the country we live in.God bless both Russia and America!

  2. Dr. Mike Baughan says

    Love me some Tony! Even as a Ranger fan! God Bless Tony as well while at it! Great, thanks!

  3. says

    As I was listening to TB sing God Bless America I was blown away by his intonation first of all… but when he got to the end, I was certain he would go down on the final A, but he went for it… wow! Let’s hope the Giants do the same and walk away with a Series title. We’re off to a great start.

  4. Tim says

    Wow, that was sweet. Thanks for posting The Tony, Doug. And as a native Texan, all I can say is ‘Go Giants!’. I would love to be in SF after a World Series championship, or for that matter, any other time…

  5. Bud Johns says

    It was such a pleasure to hear Tony Bennett sing at the ballpark. I’m so tired of the people to whom major league baseball usually gives that assignment with the inadequate voices and disastrous arrangements. Bennett;s voice isn’t what it used to be–and who would expect it to be?–but he can still sell a song better than any of the celebrities MLB usually selects.

  6. Mara Lindstrom says

    Love Tony Bennett, but if I’m not mistaken that was an interval of a 4th and not of a 7th that ended the song (and and very good 4th it was!).

  7. Donald Waits says

    I was NOT able to view the clip due to some BS copyright law.
    See the November 1 note added below the video screen in the entry above.—DR