Happy Halloween

Halloween 2010.jpg

At 7:45 pm PDT, 97 trick-or-treaters—and counting.

From Pennies From Heaven (1936)
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  1. says

    As for Halloween, Doug, I will steal that video from your blog, right now!
    Ask the skeleton in *your* closet where it is. (We all have them stored away somewhere, haven’t we?)
    Seriously now: I also have intended to post that very track, but you were ahead again. It seems to be the very first title coming to our minds, when we’d think of something brassy, fitting for the season, respectively for this very day.

  2. Svetlana Ilicheva says

    Thank you, Doug, for a few moments of childish pleasure!
    Louis looks here very much like the pumpkin in the video above. He’s just fabulous! I cannot help smiling from ear to ear while watching him acting and listening to his singing and marvelous trumpet. “That’s all there is”…