Other Matters: Spring On The Heights

Cycling is in full, if often chilly, swing. Fruit trees and wildflowers are blossoming. On today’s 30-mile expedition through the back country heights, I came across this field in bloom and didn’t want to keep it to myself.


“Hello To The Season,”( to quote the title of a piece from Gary McFarland’s Point of Departure with Richie Kamuca, Jimmy Raney, Willie Dennis, Steve Swallow Point of Departure.jpgand Mel Lewis). I thought that this exquisite 1963 album had long since lapsed into unavailability. But this web site claims to have it as a CD. If that is true, run, don’t walk, to order it while it’s still around. At any moment, it could disappear again.

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  1. Bruce Armstrong says

    Doug–Thanks so much for letting us know about the availability of this recording on CD. I just ordered it.I bought the LP in college when it first came out. It featured one of my favorite tenormen–Richie Kamuca–not only playing tenor but double reeds! I have been looking for it on CD for years. It is a shame that Gary’s memory has faded over the years. He was a huge contributor to jazz in the 1960s. One of my best musical memories was seeing him live in San Francisco with a sextet that featured Phil Woods & Gabor Szabo.