Weekend Extra: What Is Jazz? Part 438

Thanks to Bill Royston for calling our attention to a strange turn of events at a jazz festival in Spain. Here is beginning of The Guardian‘s story about the incident:

Jazzman Larry Ochs has seen many things during 40 years playing his saxophone around the world but, until this week, nobody had ever called the police on him.
That changed on Monday night however, when’s Spain’s pistol-carrying Civil Guard police force descended on the Sigüenza Jazz festival to investigate allegations that Ochs’s music was not, well, jazz.
Police decided to investigate after an angry jazz buff complained that the Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core group was on the wrong side of a line dividing jazz from contemporary music.
The jazz purist claimed his doctor had warned it was “psychologically inadvisable” for him to listen to anything that could be mistaken for mere contemporary music.

To read the whole thing, go here.
This raises the perpetual question, “What is jazz?” and gives a perfect excuse to once again provide Sid Caesar’s attempt to answer it.

That nearly subliminal face at the end was Carl Reiner’s. He doesn’t know, either.

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