Speaking Of Vince Guaraldi…

Indiana Public Media’s Night Lights has posted on the internet a one-hour program about Vince Guaraldi. The host, David Brent Johnson, traces the pianist’s career, plays a broad selection of his recordings and talks with guitarist Eddie Duran, Charlie Brown specials producer Lee Mendelson, Guaraldi’s son David, pianist Luke Gillespie providing analysis, and others who were close to Guaraldi. I am pleased to be included in the broadcast. To hear It’s Jazz, Charlie Brown: The Vince Guaraldi Story, click here.
Want even more about Vince? My Guaraldi spot with Scott Simon is still up on the NPR web site.
Thumbnail image for CharlieBrown Christmas.jpgABC-TV will air its traditional rerun of A Charlie Brown Christmas with Guaraldi’s music tomorrow, December 8, at 8 pm EST.

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  1. Diana says

    I first heard of Vince Guaraldi when Cast your Fate to the Wind became popular, and I loved this piece of music to distraction. I was a college student at the time. I used to go to sleep with a transistor radio under my pillow tuned in to a NY jazz station (the one Mort Fega was on). On one particular night I awoke suddenly for no apparent reason, the radio was silent. Then the opening strains of Cast your Fate to the Wind came from under my pillow. Spooooooooooky!
    Okay, I probably unconsciously heard an announcement that this tune was about to be played and something triggered me awake. My sleeping brain was being kind to me.
    I love Guaraldi’s simplicity and totally entrancing melodies. He has left an enduring mark on all sorts of people, not just jazz fans.

  2. Old Girlfriend says

    Google ‘vince guaraldi death’ and there is a link called Saber Point, Answers to Vince’s death. Go in and read my article and see what is probably the last known photo of Vince with me in 1975. I was his love and he was mine but it ended.

  3. janetsam@mindspring.com says

    hi girlfriend of vince, if you are who i think you are we shared an apartment in san mateo..i’m janet. dam! i can’t remember your name! i remember you though. email me!!
    janet janetsam@mindspring.com