Schreiber’s Names

If you a follower of the occasional Rifftides discussions about the music and wit of the late bassist Freddie Schreiber, you know that his inventiveness overlapped into name creation. Dean Reilly, the San Francisco bassist who is an admirer of Schreiber on all fronts, provided what appears to be an authentic list of some of the names Freddie invented. Schreiber’s original names inspired imitations that can be found on many web sites. For now, we confine ourselves to a few from the, uh, Dean’s list. Say them aloud.
Kenny Hackett
Willie Cuttett
Kent Makitt
Howie Wales
Al Tissimo
Lew Slips
Andy Bluett
Slide Downs
Otto Tune
Manny Notes
Felix Cited
Justin Hale
Thelonious Galantown
R. Peggio
Rad McHugh
Pete Zicatto
Sonia Papermoon
Haddie Knownbettor
Chester Gigolo
Hugh Jassle
Carrie Mace
Myra Mance
Freda Slaves
Sybil Reitz
Manuel Lehbah
Marsha Dymes
Barbara Seville
Jim Nasium
Isaac Cited
Tyrone Shoelace
Hiram Cheap — agent
Arturo Verceez — booker
Sacha Deal — booker
Oliver DeRhode — driver
Randolph A. Cliff — backup driver

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  1. Dr Mike Baughan says

    Great stuff Mr. Ramsey!
    Bet if you put Schreiber & your pal Desmond together, there’d be some serious side splitting there!
    Happy Holidays to ya!
    Dr.Mike’Outta Sight’Baughan (Optometrist-get it?)
    OK, sorry. Pretty weak, huh?