CD: Miles Davis

Kind of Blue.jpgMiles Davis, Kind of Blue (Columbia). Okay, this is the zillionth reissue, and it’s not the first to include alternate takes, false starts or a second CD of performances by the classic Davis sextet. The difference? Columbia got the sound right – no forced reverberation, echo, clipping, compression or other digital-age engineering cuteness. This is how the music should sound. Nice packaging, too, retaining the original cover on a sturdy three-panel fold-out box. If you don’t own Kind of Blue, this is the one. If you do, the improved sonics are worth considering.

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  1. Mike Marano says

    Like many, I’ve invested heavily in nearly all versions of this album.
    So I’m curious: Is this the same remaster used on the 50th Anniversary
    Collector’s Edition (box with 3 Cds, hardback book, and vinyl)?
    (Here is the answer from Randy Haecker at Sony/Columbia Records:
    “Yes, it’s the same remaster as used for the 50th Anniversary box set of Kind of Blue.”