Broadbent’s Quadruple

At the conclusion of the previous post, Crow’s Names, I wrote:

And that, unless a name shows up that reduces the staff to uncontrollable laughter or stunned admiration, ends this exercise in punditry.

Alan Broadbent met not one but both requirements. Say it aloud.

Darrell, Neville, Bea and Arthur Hugh

alan broadbent.jpg

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  1. Dick McGarvin says

    Brilliant! That’s inspired. I’m still laughing as I write this.
    It was nice to see Dean Reilly’s name in the earlier post (we played together on occasion when I lived in San Francisco) and be reminded of two of my Freddie Schreiber favorites: Sonia Papermoon and Chester Gigolo.
    While I’m at it, let me take a moment to thank you and the other contributors for another year of your great blog. Glad Rifftidings to all.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Bart Roderick says

    A few submissions to your Name/song title puns: “Walter Hugh Dewey ‘n Thor Astor Yurlapf.” “Poco, Datsun, Moen, Beemis.” “Avery, Tina, Pence, Stu, Me.”