The first snowfall of the season is on the ground. This was the morning view from an upstairs bedroom. That gives me a reason, though none is required, to bring you the original recording of "Snowfall" by Claude Thornhill and his orchestra. Thornhill composed and arranged the song. The recording is from 1941, shortly after he formed his band. The photo montage looks as if it could be from the same period. For a brief history and discography of Claude Thornhill, go here. "Snowfall" and several … [Read more...]

Compatible Quotes: Claude Thornhill

My intention was to create something new and arresting, an orchestra different from others on the scene - I wrote sixty arrangements to start with. We rehearsed every afternoon, rain or shine. Perfect intonations in the sections and balance of the overall sound of the orchestra were emphasized. With the exception of certain places in our arrangements, the orchestra played without vibrato. Vibrato was used to heighten expressiveness. It seems to me that touch and tone are pretty much overlooked … [Read more...]