Dena DeRose, Accompanist

Speaking of Dena DeRose (see the October 9 item below), she just showed up in YouTube clips accompanying and soloing with Bill Henderson at this summer’s Litchfield Jazz Festival. Listen to the head of steam the quartet generates on “You Are My Sunshine.” Avery Sharpe is the bassist, Winard Harper the drummer.

To hear three more songs from that occasion, go here and scroll down to the middle of the screen.

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  1. John Birchard says

    A week late, I just got around to listening to/watching the Bill Henderson/Dena DeRose “You Are My Sunshine” video. I’ve long been a fan of Henderson’s, a great talent criminally ignored, but had only heard of DeRose.
    She begins the piece at a high level and only takes it up from there. Henderson is clearly elated by her romping, stomping background and her rhythm mates Sharpe and Harper dig in enthusiastically.
    I am very glad to have made her acquaintance through your excellent choice of material. I wll now try to catch up on her career and recorded output.