Correspondence: CD Prices, Spelling

A few times you’ve linked to Amazon listings for Venus releases, such as the Charlap/NY Trio disc in your new set of picks. Just a caveat about this, of which you may be aware. These are CD-Rs with reprinted liner booklets and info. Obviously the price reflects this and Amazon and Venus are to be applauded for offering this important music at a more reasonable price stateside. However, I picked up a Kenny Barron CD recently and the inserts listed nothing but the musicians’ names and song selections. There was no recording date nor were there composer credits. As something of a fanatic about this sort of information, it was disappointing. Perhaps there was a translation issue involved. In any event, I wanted to mention this to you.
Rich Juliano

(The Charlap CD is also available from Amazon in the US at the import price of $44.98. In Japan, their country of origin, Venus CDs sell for 2,500 yen; at today’s exchange rate, $27.40 US. I did not intend to choose for Rifftides readers, but the $30.99 difference between the import and the CD-R may be attractive to some. — DR)

Just got the new Anita O’Day Jazz Icons DVD. Loved the DVD and enjoyed your notes. By now you’ve probably noticed that the “editors” – I assume it was the editors, changed your spelling of June Cristy’s last name in the notes to “Christie.”
Steve Ramm

(I don’t know how that happened. I’m willing to accept the blame, especially since the accurate spelling is neither Cristy nor Christie, but Christy. — DR)

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  1. Doug Crane says

    I’ve ordered many Venus titles from Cadence Magazine over the past few years. They are always very reasonably priced, around $22.50 each. I feel my purchases help in some small way to ensure the continued existence of Cadence too. Their website can be found at These CD’s are not copies but are imported directly from Japan.